Collared Greens

What does Forward Thinking mean to Collared Greens?
Collared Greens believes in the educated consumer and their ability to influence change when they have all the facts.   Now, more than ever, there is a heightened sense of awareness around the impact we have on the environment, both as producers and consumers.   Forward thinking represents a commitment to environmental conservation and giving back to the communities where we live, work and play.   Think global, act local, through the CG/24 Conservation Project.
What does Timeless Style mean to Collared Greens?
It means transcending fashion trends.   It means wearing your grandfather’s button down shirt because it still looks good.   It is the classic look and tangible quality that you can see and feel that will make Collared Greens a staple in your wardrobe, as opposed to a fad.   You’re always in style.
What does American Made mean to Collared Greens?
American Made means supporting and creating American jobs that are supporting and creating premium quality products.