High Cotton

In January of 2010, founder Judy Hill's eldest son Cameron, who attended UVa medical school, informed her that a recent study was released discouraging doctors from wearing silk neckties to the hospital due to the tie’s tendency to harbor harmful bacteria.  Judy, knew that doctors did not want to do away with their neckties, as to them a tie is a way to represent their own personality.  Judy decided to sew Cameron a cotton bow tie since it was not only handsome, but also machine washable, so it would not spread harmful bacteria.

In that moment, an idea was born. What started off as a loving gift for her son in medical school, quickly evolved into a product that has widespread appeal among Southern gentlemen given the connection that cotton has with the South.  The rest is history, as High Cotton quickly established a niche in the market as the first bow tie company made primarily out of cotton fabrics.

 High Cotton offers classic accents for the Southern gentleman, inspired by a higher purpose committed to the South’s values and people. Our locally hand-cut and hand-sewn products support the revival of the North Carolina textile industry and the Southern tradition of the mannerly, warm, and approachable well-dressed gentleman.