Libby Story

We love creativity. Creativity is in everything we design, style, make, and build. Originating in Greenville, the heart of the Mississippi Delta, our inspiration has always been our surroundings. From an early age, exposure to blues music, great writers and visual artists of Mississippi, had a major influence in every aspect of our lives. Libby started her career as a jewelry designer and manger of a small boutique, while I was teaching art at a local high school. Soon after meeting, we were married, and we married our talents together to create our first boutique that demonstrated Libby’s skill as a designer and her timely vision for fashion.
Since that time, Libby Story has become synonymous with creativity and style. Music, art, and culture continually meander through us and all we do. Libby is always inspired by unwanted and cast off items, and she brings new life to them in the displays throughout our stores. I can be inspired by anything, and I usually find ways to incorporate my inspirations into our store fixtures and home decor. Creativity is our lifeblood. It is our goal to be a place that fosters an environment of creativity, self expression and confidence. Our style is not for everyone, but for many creative, stylish, and fashion focused people we have become a partner and sometimes a coach. Because of Libby’s vision and the talent of the people that work with us, Libby Story has garnered national praise and attention.