Lorenzo Uomo

Tradition makes history. That is what we believe at Lorenzo Uomo. Combining Italian tradition passed down through generations of artisans, and our modern design aesthetic, our brand has remained at the forefront of style since the early 90's.

Traditional is history. We also believe that life is better when shirts are for more than working, and socks for hiding. Gone are the days of monochromatic closets and uniform white dress shirts. Socks are no longer for sheer function, but also for conversation. As bright color dominates our collections, we are proud of the exquisite detailing that updates the most classic styles. Set yourself ahead of the crowd with bold patterns and sophisticated details of our fashionable shirts and crowd-pleasing socks.

 Make Your Tradition. From factories located in the picturesque villages of northern Italy, Lorenzo Uomo sources the finest yarns and fabrics in the world to ensure excellence in all products. Coupling classic sensibility and luxurious comfort, we will introduce you to modern design and historically great style.