Makeup Junkie Bags & Bandolier Phone Cases


Bandolier Phone Cases

Stylish. Smart. Fun. The style savvy way to bring along the essentials without the bother of a handbag. Bandolier transforms your iPhone into a piece of wearable technology. With its patented design, each Bandolier features two slots to accommodate credit cards, driver’s license and/or cash for true liberation from the necessity of carrying a handbag.
 Bandolier is the game-changing accessory that epitomizes high tech and high fashion.

Makeup Junkie Bags

Makeup Junkie Bags was founded by a true makeup junkie who was tired of wasting money on cosmetic bags that didn’t deliver. If they were wide enough, they fell over, sending cosmetics tumbling about. If they were deep enough, they became a black hole where you couldn’t find anything you need. If they were pretty, the interior was not water resistant / washable and became dirty very quickly. MJ designed her own pattern for the perfect cosmetic bag that lays flat on a surface, and has an elongated medial zipper that allows the bag to gape open allowing easy access to all materials while eliminating the chances that the bag will fall over sending products everywhere.